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Safety Data Sheets

Anti-Splash Urinal Screens

Anti-Splash Urinal Screen - Apple Cinnamon (UR-APPLE)
Anti-Splash Urinal Screen - Citrus (UR-CITRUS)
Anti-Splash Urinal Screen - Cucumber Melon (UR-MELON)
Anti-Splash Urinal Screen - Lavender (UR-LAVEN)
Anti-Splash Urinal Screen - Mango (UR-MANGO)
Anti-Splash Urinal Screen - Mint (UR-MINT)
Anti-Splash Urinal Screen - Ocean Fresh (UR-OCEAN)

Clip-On Toilet Bowl Freshener

Clip-On Toilet Bowl Freshener - Citrus (CO-CITRUS)
Clip-On Toilet Bowl Freshener - Cucumber Melon (CO-MELON)
Clip-On Toilet Bowl Freshener - Mango (CO-MANGO)
Clip-On Toilet Bowl Freshener - Mint (CO-MINT)

Hotel Amenities

Body Lotion - Hotel Amentiies (CBLOT)
Body Wash - Hotel Amenities (CBWASH-20, CBWASH-30)
Hair Conditioner - Hotel Amenities (CCOND-20, CCOND-30)
Dish Soap - Hotel Amenities (CDISH)
Conditioning Shampoo - Hotel Amenities (CSCHOND-20, CSCHOND-30)
Shampoo - Hotel Amenities (CSHAM-20, CSHAM-30)
Bar Soap - Hotel Amenities (CSOAP-15, CSOAP-20)

Washroom Supplies

Big Blue In-Tank Bowl Cleaner (BIGBLUE) 
Urinal Block & Cage - Cherry (URCG-CHERRY-12)
Blue In-Tank Toilet Bowl Cleaner Tablets (BLUE-3)
Non-Para Urinal Blocks - Citrus (URBL-CITRUS-12)
Flat Urinal Screen - Cherry (URFL-CHERRY)
Non-Para Urinal Freshener Crystals - Lavender (URCH-LAVEN)

Hand Sanitisers

Antiseptic Hand Sanitiser - Made in Australia (HANDSAN)
Wash Free Hand Sanitiser - Made in China (SANITISER)


Commercial Disinfectant and Cleaner (C-KIOSE350)

Antibacterial Alcohol Wipes

Antibacterial Alcohol Surface Wipes - 800 and 1200 Wipe Rolls(WIPES-800, WIPES-1200)
Antibacterial No Alcohol Surface Wipes - 800 and 1200 Wipe Rolls(WIPES-NA800, WIPES-NA1200)
Antibacterial Alcohol Surface Wet Wipe - 50 pack (WIPES-PK50)