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Vacuum Bags

Cleanstar distributes its own brand of generic vacuum cleaner bags under the STARBAG banner.

We have several types of vacuum bags available. The most common for domestic vacuums are our double-walled Paper dust bags, but we also have stronger Synthetic bags that are more durable and consist of five (5) layers of fabric and offer better filtration. We also have a number of Cloth Reuseable bags which can be emptied and re-used over and over again.

With over 300 different types of vaccum cleaner bags in stock that are suitable for thousands of different vacuum cleaner brands and models, we pride ourselves on offering the most comprehensive range of vacuum bags in Australia. All of our bags come in either cardboard box packaging or plastic polybag with a hangsell tab for convenient retail display. We also colour code our packaging to make it easier for customers to identify which dust bags are made from Paper (Blue) and which are Synthetic (Orange).

Visit www.starbag.com.au to see our full vacuum bag range.


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